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from: Slash


The Last are always pissing about not getting any press in Slash, well here's something — enjoy it while it lasts. But let's do this chronologically.

The Urinals were first, starting out well with a doom and post-disaster kinda sound, but got dull as the set progresses. A bit too slow and arty. Nervousness or whatever caused the singer/guitarist (I think his name's John) to overact the psychotic bit — turning around fast and the like — but he toned down after banging into his amp. A few boring songs made what would have been a good, varied set mediocre. A couple of their better songs were "Why Are We Sleeping?" and "California's Falling into the Ocean" which was introduced as a true story that hasn't happened yet. Stan Lee of the Dickies made a shitface of himself by stepping on to the stage in front of the Urinals and shouting "Rock and Roll will never die." The Urinals are well worth seeing if you can catch them on a cheap bill.

Next on were the Last, who did their usual '60s pop-based songs with a mixture of fast (almost Middle Class speed) stuff. While they're capable of doing either well, they make the mistake of trying to combine the two to contrast the 60's sound with that of the late '70s. It doesn't work. As far as the pop-Beatles sound, though, it pleased the many admirers of whimp rock who were there that night.

The evening took a total change in feeling when Fear came on, almost like a whole different show. After a great opener, "I Love Livin' in the City," Singer Lee Ving asked, "How many people here with beards that look like cunts?" followed by the bass player adding, "I smell fish." The LA Weekly calls it quirky humor — got quite a way with a phrase, don't they? The guitar player informed us there's no difference between the star ship Enterprise and a roll of toilet paper. Both go to Uranus to search out Klingons. Great Quirk.

At points Fear would starting into something discordant and arty, then say "just kiddin'". But when they accidentally fucked up the beginning of "Read you Caption - You're my Main Attraction" Lee Ving stopped it and said, "Well that was a flop, but we're gonna do it anyway. It's all youse deserve."

When Black Flag came on the audience was still in an abuse Fear


When Black Flag came on the audience was still in an abusive Fear mood, pointing Fear fingers at the band and shouting "fuck you." It ain't easy to re-train monkeys. Black Flag were doing their best to put on a good show, but the dancers were too busy colliding and diving at the floor to notice Flag's effort. Some people are sooo selfish. What a shame, awww. Things were getting so physical, nobody really noticed that Black Flag had left the stage. They did come back for a couple encores even though there were a few shouting fuck you like it was still funny. Oh well.

—Evan Rude

from: A Fool Like You (Last Fan Club newsletter)


APRIL 29th & 30th




Well, at least the beer problem was resolved that night. Mike told me how he was going to go broke having to pay $2.00 every time he wanted a beer 'cause he had to bribe Joe into getting beer by buying Joe a beer, too. Everyone was relieved to find that the management of the Starwood had sent a case of beer in a bucket full of ice to the dressing room (that's one for their side).

A girl who works for the Starwood (who, from this time on I will refer to as "Bleach Baby" for reasons I can not begin to list) came backstage to tell the Last how much time they had before they went on. She said there was, "like a mix-up, ya know" last night,

AND that the Last's set was too long last night,

AND they ran behind schedule last night,

AND could the Last please get on stage at 9:00,

AND would they be off at 9:30,

AND could that please include the encore!?!

(I take back that one for their side)

The Last went on stage at 9:00!!! (hup, two, three, four)

Everything sounded pretty good. They played mostly new songs with the exception of a few old favorites. And those new songs are better than ever, Vitus and Joe have really out-done themselves this time with their catchy lyrics and haunting melodies. Vitus even gets to show-off his singing talent on the new album by singing lead on one of his songs, and he does quite well I might add!

(excuse me Vitus, the song he sings is called "Should I Say a Word")

Some other song titles are: "Everybody Had it With You," "Subway Song," "Everyone's a Holiday," "Look Again," "Snake in the Grass," "That's Just Life," et al.

The Starwood was packed both nights. They played a great set. The Last was off the stage at 9:30!!!!!!!!

(about face, to the rear ho, hup, hup, hup)

X played a good set, too. Tuesday X had a big write-up in the Los Angeles Times, saying how great their album is and raving about their producer, Ray Manzerik. It also said that they were playing at the Starwood that night and Wednesday, subsequently curious people from all walks of life (hippies, businessmen, LA punks, tourists, glitter refugees...) came crawling out of the woodwork to see the show.

Tuesday night, as X came out to do their first set, amazed Exene gazed out into the faces of the numerous people, God knows where they all came from, and said something like, "Oh look — Woodstock."


Back at the dressing room, "Bleach Baby" came in about 3 minutes before the Last were supposed to go on for their second set, and said, "Uh... uh...there... uh... the... uh... uh... you guys go on in about twenty minutes." Joe asked why they were waiting so long, and she replied, "Well... like X's set was kinda short ... and, well ... ya know we're really ahead of schedule, ... and, uh ... it's really ... like early, ya know?"

So... In the mean time, Jeffrey Lea and Don Waller, of Slash and Back Door Man magazines, respectively, were backstage with the band and other people — well, to make a long story short, they were all a bit sloshed (remember the bucket of beer?) and decided to sing a bunch of songs a little out of key and a lot loud. Hearing the noise, "Bleach Baby" came in and said to calm down, which no one did. Some time later, she came back in to say, "Oh wow, you guys are supposed to be on stage, like now!"

The Last staggered out to do their second set.

("Bleach Baby": Wow, you give them an inch and they take a mile!! And drunk on top of that!!!)

The second set went amazingly well, despite the band's difficulty: (a) standing; (b) falling into each other; and (c) knocking their teeth out on the microphones.


The Last's next show is at the Starwood with Berlin and Tex Cymbal and the High Hats on June 30. For free tickets, send a stamped, self address envelope...

tillnexttime . . . . .