Contact Joe Nolte directly. Items such as Last T-shirts and various rare CD's (such as the "Joe & Mike" CD) are occasionally available to buy.

Check here for new or used copies of Last CDs or compilations. This link takes you to a list of other goodies I think you'll like as well!
These guys are great! They just released the "Warfrat Tales" CD (May, 2005)! This great 1983 compilation features The Last, The Urinals, Wednesday Week and many other great bands! Bonus tracks are also included - check it out!

Currently carries the new "L.A. Explosion" CD.
Bomp! Web Site 1979 debut LP "LA Explosion" finally available on CD! 
Check here for new or used copies of Last CDs or compilations. You can also do a check for Last stuff on ebay by checking out this thread on our forum.
SST / Cruz Records' Web Site Currently has the 1996 release "Gin and Innuendoes" I hear they still have copies of "Awakening" & "Confession" as well, but they don't list them in their catalog. Call them direct at 1-888-746-7778.



--Kristi Callan
Formerly of Wednesday Week and Lucky, Kristi's debut solo EP Feed the Kitty is out now! Kristi is married to David Nolte, former Last bassist/producer, and still plays with other bands such as Cheap Chick and Dime Box.
--Circle Jerks -
Longtime friends of The Last - Keith Morris and Greg Hetson. They're still around and playing - definitely go check 'em out!
--Cockeyed Ghost -
Joe sez, "One of the key (and best) bands to emerge thus far from the current 'Pop Underground.'"
--Descendents / All -
All Central. What can I say? They were influenced by The Last; David Nolte was in the original lineup; Bill Stevenson produced The Last for SST; both bands hail from the South Bay; and now Bill & Karl are members of The Last!
--The Eddies -
The Eddies - long-time friends and supporters of The Last - check 'em out!
--David Gray -
Former Last bassist David Nolte is currently playing/recording in David Gray's band. His new CD is great - go and buy it!
--The Leaving Trains -
Long-time friends of The Last, and a great band! They appear on the wonderful 1983 Warfrat Tales compilation, along with The Last, Wednesday Week, 100 Flowers, and many others - finally available on CD!
--Misfortune Cookie -
Joe Nolte's "other band," featuring Lisa Torres & Kelly Hom from 5 Star Crush.
--The Negro Problem -
We linked to them a long time ago, but their site on AOL disappeared one day. Just ran across their new site today! One of Joe's favorite bands.
--Queef -
Former Last bassist Missy Buettner and drummer Robbie Rist are "unapologetically vulgar purveyors of F*ckcore Music." They're busy working on their album Stinkin' Up the Joint.
--Redd Kross -
One of the infamous bands from the "Church" who, along with Black Flag, The Last and The Descendents, helped define the South Bay scene of the time. Cool site with lots of content.
--The Residents -
A favorite band of Dan, they have loads of new CDs & DVDs out. Check 'em out.
--Sator -
These famed Swedish punksters were all set to record a version of The Last's unreleased classic "Go Away Girl." I don't think it ever happened as planned.
--Sparks -
"Nothing to do" with The Last (except they're both from LA, have both been involved with low-budget thrill movies that flopped ("Rollercoaster" and "Fade to Black," respectively) and former Sparks member Earle Mankey produced The Last's Gin and Innuendoes. Either way, Dan loves Sparks. They have a great new CD out - Hello Young Lovers. Check it out!
--The Urinals -

One of the great bands in the 70s/80s LA punk scene, and longtime friends of The Last. Last keyboardist/songwriter Vitus Mataré recorded a number of their records, while Last bassist David Nolte recorded a 1998 demo for them and even played a few gigs with them on guitar. The Urinals changed their name to 100 Flowers after some clubs refused to book them and/or put their name on the marquee. Now they now call themselves The Chairs of Perception.

--Wednesday Week -
Just one of the many bands of former Last bassist David Nolte. He joined this band and married the lead singer, Kristi Callan. They performed on the Joan Rivers Show the same night newcomer Arsenio Hall took over.
--X -
Pioneers in the LA punk scene - back together and touring!


--Climb Your Wall a Kinks Fan Page -
Former last bassist/producer David Nolte sometimes plays in Kinks co-founder Dave Davies' band! Just one of the many bands David is currently playing with. Here's a cool tribute site to The Ravens (Dave Davie's band), that has lots of info on the various members, including David Nolte!
--Common Thread -
Much-anticipated video documentary on the South Bay (LA) Punk scene.
--Indie Radio 103.1 -
Cool radio station that changed their format in January, 2004 - now featuring older punk almost exclusively! It's an LA station, but they stream over the web...
--Happy Squid Records -
Formed and run by John-Talley Jones of The Urinals, this cool record company finally released the classic Keats Rides a Harley compilation on CD (in Aug 2005), with loads of great bonus tracks!
 -House of the Rising Punk -
A very comprehensive punk link page, running the website gamut from the Screamers to Wreckless Eric to the Lunachicks.
 -Of Hands and Hearts -
A benefit album for the victims of the 2003 tsunamis in Southeast Asia.
--PunkNet77 -
A cool "old-school" punk site from Europe.
--Punk Rockers.com -
Another great site devoted to many different classic punk bands from the US and Europe, such as Black Flag, the Screamers, Weirdos, Sex Pistols, Sham69 and more!
--Trouser Press -
When Trouser Press released their "90s Only"edition, all references to The Last disappeared. However, the band is well represented here, in their website...
--The Ultimate Band List -
Find your favorite band's web page on the Internet! Thousands of listings!